5 reasons NOT to have a wedding video

#5. Your health- The sheer beauty of the spectacularly shot and edited images, combined with the perfectly matched music and the captured emotion of the day, may cause viewers to be overwhelmed with joy, resulting in side effects such as heart failure and/or the extraction of tears and therefore risk of severe dehydration.

#4. The economy- in years to come reliving your beautiful wedding day and hearing your touching vows that the videographer captured so well may save your marriage and many more. Thereby causing all divorce lawyers to go bankrupt and thus the collapse of the economy. This brings me back to #5; your health will suffer as you won't be able to sleep due to guilt.

#3. Friendships- once your friends see your very own romantic movie, they will be so jealous. They will wish they had decided to invest in one when they got married and so will divorce and remarry each other just so they can have a wedding video. This will also put a financial strain on them, which they will blame you for.

#2. Buyer's remorse- the artistry of your wedding video will make everything else seem pale in comparison. You will long for the time you could enjoy a Friday night in with a film, but you are no longer able to as all films you watch will be nothing compared to your wedding film.

The #1. reason you should not get a wedding video. You have been warned.