Portraits- What the Wagtail saw

Layla and her baby brother

This was a particularly special shoot for me as Layla and Leonardo’s parents are one of my wedding film couples. It was like seeing old friends and just a joy to be at home with their growing family. See album.

Columbia road flower market

A candid capture of a mother and daughter day out in East London

Rachel's mother, Celine was visiting from Singapore. We had so much fun walking around Columbia Road flower market. It can be difficult to pose adult mother and daughter, without it seeming unnatural, so we kept it really relaxed, so relaxed in fact, that they started shopping!

Augustin becomes a big brother

It was so lovely to be welcomed into this warm hearted family's home. They even wanted a photograph together with me, which I was very touched by. I can't wait to see how this family has grown by my next visit in 6 months time. See more of this family.

Family picnic

A goodbye streak

It started with a lovely picnic on what felt like the first day of summer. Now that their youngest daughter, Lara had entered the world, it was beautiful to see them out as a foursome. Mum and Lara were napping on the picnic blanket and Dad was trying to get the kite to fly for Mia, but the weather was too good.

The family's dear friends and their little boy, Garrett, joined us. The two families met at the local NCT class, and as their children grew, so did their friendship. Sadly, this day was the day they had to say goodbye. Garrett's father is in the US military and had been posted back across the Atlantic Ocean. The children didn't understand and were playing happily. Suddenly, Mia and Garrett decided to strip naked, all bar their shoes. It was hilarious to see them streaking across the nature reserve but the image of them sitting on the bench became a very poignant image of their innocence and friendship.

maternity silhoutte

Laura's pregnancy

Like all couples, they had their own unique journey to parenthood. I was very moved to be able to capture this for them. That's one lucky little bump.

Baby bath.jpg

Baby Bay's bath time

After doing a maternity shoot with Bay's mother, this was really special to return and meet the little guy.

Charlotte at home_WEB (18).jpg

Petite Charlotte

With a house full of lovely toys, Charlotte's parents felt that capturing memories would be the best birthday present for Charlotte's 1st birthday. Joyeux anniversaire Charlotte!

Baby Ava WEB-50.jpg

Ava packs her bag

This shoot was a special one to commemorate the family's last days living in the UK. In fact, the contents of the house were already packed up. It goes to show possessions aren't what make a family home.

bridal boudoir.jpg

Bridal Boudoir

Sensuality, movement and understatement

Maya makes memories at Grandma & Grandad's

It was an absolute delight to see this little one again. Although she's not as little as my last shoot with her almost a year before, at 8 months old. When I arrived, she reached out her arms to me and sat on my lap looking at me intensely. It was adorable. Maybe she remembered me.

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New born Ilyas

Baby Ilyas gets a big welcome into the world

This was the first time ever the two sides of the family had all gathered together.

Some day, I will tell you, too many times, of how you used to fit into my hands.

Christening photography

Charlotte's Christening at Notre Dame De France, Leicester Square

It was such a joy to photograph Charlotte again, this time, surrounded by her family from far and wide.

Eat // sleep // bath // repeat

Rosa at home

Sophias cake smash

Sophia's birthday cake smash

I have so much love for this family. Sophia and her brother enjoyed all the things we are normally told not to do... playing with our food and jumping on the bed.

Rafeal's family photographs

Rafael at home

Rafa greeted me with a huge smile. What more can you ask for at work in the morning. Mum and Dad bathed him, his legs kicking away, still unsure what it's all about.