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 Each couple has their own style, so each film takes it on

We really love to get a sense of who the couple are during our pre-wedding chat. Everyone’s wedding has such a different feel, and we want to capture their essence and be true to the style of their day. That's why, despite all our films being shot by the same 'Wagtail', each of them has a different look and feel.

>> Tell us about your preferred style and maybe we can bond over a mutual dislike for cheesy shots and clichés!


On the day

We are regularly told two things by our couples at the end of their wedding day: “we didn't even notice you filming” and “you felt like part of the family”. Our approach is to be discreet, but still get those cinematic shots. When the couple and guests are relaxed, the result is a natural and authentic film. We avoid poses and clichés. You won't see sweeping shots of shoes on windowsills in our films. See what our couples have to say about working with us.

Experience shows

Ayla Akdemir, the chief Wagtail here, has invaluable experience from her film and TV industry background, to help craft your film into something less 'wedding cliché' and more genuine. Having worked within the camera department on projects such as 'Skyfall' and ITV's 'Whitechapel', in 2016, Ayla was contacted by the BBC after director, Francis Whately, came across her video of the Brixton streets, the day Bowie died. Subsequently, Ayla's footage aired on BBC2, as the opening and ending to the Documentary 'David Bowie: The last Five Years'.

Chris & Gemma >> Barbican Centre

In this love story there are three characters. Bride, Groom and the Barbican. Chris and Gemma fell in love with the 80’s architecture and the stunning palm packed boltanical conservatory, where they held their ceremony. They wanted something modern and this trailer was inspired by the style of their day and the sense of space. Their Short Film Collection edit features their vows and plenty of their guests.

Rachel & Carl >> Institute of Contemporary Art

The grooms words are everything in this teaser trailer... "I admire your capability to make something beautiful out of almost nothing." Rachel and Carl are the kind of couple that walk into your lives and you'd be silly not to walk with them, if you can keep up that is. Ambitious, kind, driven and beautiful people. This is the reason we make wedding films. Their Full Feature Collection is a must watch!

Debra + Max >> Sezincote Estate

As featured on the international blog 100 Layer Cake, Debra and Max's Cotswold wedding at the stunning 4,500 acre Sezincote Estate was brought to life by visionary planner Liz Linkleter. A flower adorned staircase by Palais Flowers, autumnal romance and plenty of joyous Israeli dancing were just some of the highlights.

Emma + Tannah >> Yorkshire

What an explosive fun filled and energetic day this was. You can see how Emma and Tannah really bounce off each other’s energy, two “partner’s in crime”. A personalised outdoor ceremony by the river, conducted by the bride’s brother and a party that started underneath a beautiful Papakata Sperry tent, even before the guests were seated, waving napkins in the air. As seen on Love My Dress.

Jess & Lucy >> London

I am a romantic but I’ve always wondered about ‘the one’. There’s something romantic in choosing a person, rather than it chooses you. However, these two hijack my realistic outlook on life and make me believe in soul mates. Their love is pure and true and was celebrated in a derelict chapel, lit with candles and light shafts through the stained glass. The evening at Clapton Country Club was glitter fueled and run super smoothly by Nina at Occassion Queens.

Jenny + Pete >> Noss Mayo, Devon

Autumn in this windy creek, scattered with wooden row boats, is best watched with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate- two things that were part of their day. It wasn’t all cosy relaxation though, as the guests congaed through the streets to the reception. Jenny and Pete were married in a church with no roof, by Pete’s mother, which made it all the more special.

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