Nina Wernicke

Meet one of our Wagtails, Nina Wernicke. Nina is a German photographer who splits her time between London and Johannesburg. When she is shooting for Wagtail Productions, it feels like the team is complete and she brings her clam air, putting people at ease, capturing all the tiny details.

Nina somehow perfectly marries two seemingly contradictory styles: reportage style photography and fine art. She explains

“Nothing brings me greater pleasure than capturing spontaneous moments, honest emotions, little gestures to reflect the situation in an uncontrived way. My aim thereby is to remain as unobtrusive as possible.”

That being said, Nina’s love for fine art photography means the portrait sessions are amongst her favorite things to photograph and this is where her fine art inspiration shows itself most.


“I truly love creating romantic, dreamy pictures of people in love, those kind of photographs you will proudly hang on your wall. My approach is this: chase the perfect light, and for the rest don't overthink it! I encourage the subjects' interactions to remain natural, and don't let them hide behind a smile. Rather, I will wait for the 'real person' and their individuality to shine through in a seemingly unobserved moment.”

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