because I couldn't think of 10

1. Communication is key! Tell your videographer everything before the day! It's so lovely when there are little surprises planned to make the day even more special but please don't surprise your videographer. If you are planning a dance routine, having flower girls, giving a reading, guest participation, using a projector, please tell them in advance. Whether it be a planner or a Maid of Honour, allocate someone to communicate a 2 minute warning to your videographer (and photographer) when key moments are about to happen such as the first dance.

2. Think about having an 'unplugged' day. The temptation to take photographs is one I obviously understand. However, when each guest owns a smart phone, this can be problematic for those professionals you have hired. When you watch back the footage of you and your partner walking back down the aisle, you do not want your view to be obscured by guests leaning in with bright distracting screens. This also means that they have not seen the moment themselves but watched it through a screen. Ask your Officiant to make a friendly announcement before your ceremony starts about refraining from taking photos until after the register signing, when guests can then come up and snap away.

3. Ignore them. Unless your videographer is jumping up and down, calling your name of course. Pretend they are not there. No need to readjust or ask what they want when they approach. It will happen sometimes, but try not to look down the lens if you can help it; it breaks the fourth wall.

4. Couple time is gold dust. Unlike a photographer, a videographer has to think about how shots relate to other shots and how they can form one complete film. Scheduling that couple time will be a vital part of the narrative. A loving gesture, a laugh, a touch, eye contact, an embrace, a kiss on the head, however you express your affection, is going to look more natural instigated by you rather than their encouraging you on the day. But if you look like you are just talking about the schedule they will be forced to prompt you. Use that time to really be with each other and digest the fact that you just got hitched!

5. Don't chew gum, it makes the footage unusable except in a Wrigley's advert. If it's fresh breath you want, pack a little spray.

6. Allocate gaps between key moments. We are skilled at capturing things on the fly and really do want to fit around you, but we can also create movie magic when we are not up against time. If your couple shots with your videographer (and photographer) are immediately before the first speech commences, your videographer is going to be rushing to set up cameras and microphones, and once those speeches start, they will have to be settled. With a little bit of time they can make sure the speech giver is not standing in front of an ugly fire exit sign and the sound is clear.

7. Feed them. It's science. If there's no fuel, they will break down. When guests are on their mains/desserts is the best time as they won't be filming people (see point 5) and once the speeches start they won't have time. Most videographers bring a big bag of emergency snacks, but not enough to keep them going for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the day is up they may have clocked well over 12 hours on their feet. A hot meal will make them feel loved and focused on filming the source of said love.

8. Think about your lighting. If overhead spotlights are your main source of lighting then you will be subject to the harsh shadows they cast on people's faces. Soft light from candles and fairy lights are very flattering. They give a gorgeous ambience when out of focus too.

9. First dances are best when you just let go. We'd all like to look like Fred and Ginger but even they didn't always get it right first time. You're not being judged, you're surrounded by people who love you. Just have fun with it!

Wedding day information

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