Cabin Fever

This is a new record. It's Thursday morning. I haven't left the house/office since Saturday night. I may go insane, but it would be in the name of creativity at least. This is what happens when you are the only permanent member of staff in your small business, run from home.

I have seen people though. Well, when I say people, I mean my partner, a friend on Facetime, and the people in my videos. That counts right? 

I do feel there is too much value put on being busy, and that is not my intention. "How are you?" "oh you know, busy busy." I'm simply saying it's hard to find that balance. I failed miserably at it this week, with long hours and very little breaks, but I am happy, and grateful, if not a little institutionalised.  I am creatively fulfilled and immersed in editing. I'm giving my couples my full attention, crafting their films, knowing that they are going to be moved every time they are transported back to their wedding day. I wouldn't swap it for anything.

Now it's time to put on my shoes, step out into Autumn and perhaps book next weeks lunchtime Pilates sessions. Balance.

Ayla AkdemirComment