Natural family portraits

Baby Caspar

I can't tell you how much I love doing shoots at a family home. There's so much personality within the space itself, and that instantly makes me feel closer to my clients. Just using the available natural window light gives a beautiful softness. Being in familiar surroundings makes for very relaxed shoots and therefore true and natural images.

Baby Caspar was 17 weeks old, and full of smiles, frowns and cheekiness. His day was barely interrupted. He enjoyed being free and naked on the changing mat. He was bathed and wrapped up in a soft towel. He fed and napped with a full tummy. He awoke to be cooed over, kissed and adored. So generally a pretty normal day for him! That's my approach- as little disruption to routine as possible and that way they have an album of memories true to them, a snippet of family life.