This Is England 86 Inspired Styled Shoot

Starring Dani Ella Wynn, James Knowles, Sea Jays, Lucy Howat, Wendie Mitchell, Petra Dudakova, Myriam Lengliné and Lauren of 'French Made'.

I am blown away by the positive response our This Is England 86 inspired wedding shoot has had. We are thrilled to be featured on Rock N Roll Bride, amongst so many non-traditional talents. Check out the full article and photographs.

It really was the icing on the cake when our work got the attention of the original cast members of the very TV series which had inspired us to put this shoot together. We have Twitter to thank for that. Andrew Shim (Milky) and Vicky McClure (Lol) gave it the thumbs up, which had us a flutter and then Chanel Cresswell (Kelly) wrote "looks amazing ! Congratulations X"! Having worked in the Film Industry for years before I started Wagtail Productions, I have brushed shoulders with a few amazing actors but not really felt star struck until now. OK, I am milking it a bit but it's very reassuring to get the approval of the people who originally lit the fire. Not sure what director, Shane Meadows, would think though, and I'm definitely content with not finding out!

Images displayed are Wagtail Production's film stills

Images displayed are Wagtail Production's film stills

Whether we realise it or not, I think most creatives put value on their work depending not on whether it is their best work but whether it turns out as envisioned. Somehow, somewhat ironically, our organisation had given us the casual, informal look we were after. I feel we checked the box with the styling and the camera language. There are little zeitgeists that make it feel historical. The main ingredients however, has to be the people. I got into filming weddings not because I am particularly interested in weddings, but because I am really interested in people and their interactions. As Lauren who coordinated the shoot says "these people are real life friends and real couples! They all understand what the alternative way of life is about.” They are the essence 'This Is England'.

Everyone really gave it their all! I feel so grateful to have worked with such a lovely talented bunch of people. I remember the post-shoot buzz we all had. Check out the great team we had below!

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